Ingrediends: milled thyme, blackberry leaves.

Since ancient times, the leaves of the blackberry plant have been used curatively, especially throughout Europe and Asia.

For example, two thousand years ago, the roman army doctor Galenos had his soldiers chew blackberry leaves to strengthen gums and build up physical resistance; today, we know it was the vitamin C and tannins in the leaves that he was counting on to boost immunity and heal wounds.

The leaves contain about 10% hydrolysable tannins and flavonoids. The tannins contained in the leaves have a clear astringent effect, as well as, antidiarrheic properties, they help blood to clot, which gives credence to their traditional use to help heal wounds, open sores and scratches.

It is also reported to be helpful in reducing blood sugar levels and is a good source of the vitamins C and E and the mineral, selenium. 

Tea with blackberry leaves helps regulate both heavy and light menstrual flow and is a gastrointestinal soother. It's a tea you can drink daily-it has no side effects. Sweeten its bitter taste with honey, or mix with other herbs for healing tea blends.

For an even more effective tea, we blend blackberry leaves with thyme. This nutritional blend of thyme and blackberry leaves increases the tea's health beneficial value. One cup of such tea combines two powerful sources of great flavor, providing a wide range of anti-oxidants, several vitamins and minerals. It's a soothing and antiseptic double formula that gently promotes digestive function and tissue healing.