Apricot brand "Gold" aged for 7 years 0.5l 44% Apricot

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  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Brand: Abrikon
•Abrikon GOLD
•Apricot brandy (aged distillate)
•Aged 7 y.
•44% Alcohol concentration
•Bottles vol : 0,5 L
•Bottled in hand made bottles with 3D Ararat montain inside
Abrikon, a stiff, ecologically clean apricot drink can easily attract the attention of every one who masters the art of taste, making him experience that spirit. One cфnnot just simply open this very bottle; while doing so you unintentionally open up a delightful crater of emotions and feelings inside your self as well, a marvelous fusion of kindness and success. And finally, after having the first sip, having already fallen into a pleasant oblivion of sense of time and space with the second little gulp you experience the gust of the most breathtaking sides of the history.