Peach oil 100 ml

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Peach oil 100 ml
Produced from peach seeds grown in Armenia using the cold-press method.
Composition and properties. Peach oil is the main ingredient for many skin types
lotions and creams due to their anti-aging properties and easy penetrating
consistency. The oil contains a wide range of minerals and vitamins A and E
vitamins, as well as a number of B vitamins. Among them, vitamin E is especially beneficial for the skin,
because it is an antioxidant that eliminates free radicals that are part of
metabolic process harmful by-products associated with aging and some
types of cancer. It is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, including linoleic
acid and with oleic acid, which moisturizes the skin and helps maintain it
elasticity. It can also help with rejuvenating skin that needs or is dry and
sensitive. tightens the pores of the skin, making it soft and elastic. This is amazing for
restoration of damaged skin beneficial properties for inflamed skin, eczema or
psoriasis and sun or wind exposure. It is also very good for damaged nails
as a result of artificial treatment to restore and level surfaces. If
Apply to nails until softening, giving a rich natural shine.
Uses: This oil has been used since Roman times. They are brought directly from Persia
under Emperor Claudius and at the same time it was a cosmetic procedure. Since then he
used as a moisturizer and ingredient in cosmetic products in all
civilizations. Peach seed oil stability (average shelf life up to two years) and
Light, moisturizing texture makes it an excellent skin care ingredient for all skin care products.
care: creams, lotions, serums, soaps, etc., since it is easily absorbed by the skin, it can be
used alone or in combination with other seed oils and is recommended especially for
sensitive skin with dry, aging or varicose skin.